Albania is a mountainous country and the smallest country in Europe. Residents are expected to come from the ancient Illyrians. The culture of Albania was primarily influenced by the major Greeks, especially in urban areas. Shaking your head means “no”, shaking your head means “yes”. One has to shake hands in greeting, although Shoku (comrade) used it before, it is now long forgotten. People dress casually here. Swimsuits are beachwear, otherwise women would not wear the dress in revealing outfits. Always carry a gift with you when you see someone, even if the flowers in front of the name are not very acceptable, when it comes to the person before the name Soti (Mr.) or Sonja (Mrs.). Guests will be served Rocky coffee or dessert. Smokers do not have to worry much. But avoid the place where you see Ndalohet Duhani or Ndalohet pirja e duhanit symptoms.

Domestic travel

Relatively cheap buses serve major cities in the country, or taxis are an alternative to some major hotels.
Go to Tajti Hill and enjoy an unforgettable 15 minute Tajti Express cable car ride to Trana via Dodge Ork. This route is approximately 4.2 km long and charges.5 6.5. Alpha Yachting Group offers luxury boats The best place to withdraw is with Tirana Bank as I myself have access to Visa cards. Restaurants are not always hot enough, so always wear warm clothing when going out at night in the winter. Foreigners will be charged more than residents. Entrance fees and any merchandise will be at a high level, so it is best not to disclose the fact that you are a foreigner when you go out.

Viewing site

If you like canoeing, this is the perfect place. There is a place outside of Tirana, which is not surprising. But canoeing but also mountaineering, hiking and camping.


If you like 5 star atmosphere, try the Sheraton Tirana Hotel and Towers located in the middle of shopping and entertainment. There are approximately 151 rooms and 56 rooms, so you can shop here immediately. Another hotel with modern amenities is Hotel Montreal, located 1,000 meters from the city center and is a perfect example of traditional architecture.


One of the best and easiest ways is by air. Albanian Airlines is a national airline that operates in conjunction with Tyrolian Airways and serves almost all major European cities. The other Theresa Airport is 16 miles from the capital. There is a tourist bus every 3 hours to get to the city center, which takes about 30 minutes to get there. Taxis are available at all times. While waiting for transport, tourists can visit duty-free shops, banks, restaurants and rental cars at the airport. Outbound tax US $ 10 will be levied on all foreigners.

To get there by sea, try the ferry services provided by the Adriatic Line and Agodimos. With ferry attachments to Barry).

Bus Another way buses start from Istanbul, Athens and Sofia. Inside there are many options with passenger bus service. There is a road network to the Kosovo region if traveling by private car. But it is very dangerous to take it because there are political tensions within the region. It can be crossed at Honey I Hodit, Plota, Ofa e These, Tushemish, Gorika, Kapshtika and Kagawija and can be parked at the hotel or any other designated area if tired. Approximately 2138 km of these roads are in poor condition and have potholes for local commuters to be careful while driving on them. Speed ​​limits must be followed on highways and in cities. It is better to avoid driving at night as there are no street lights on the roads except in urban areas. Traffic should drive to the right. There is a shortage of gas stations in rural areas, so it is better to fill the gas tank completely when passing through urban areas, as there is no national recovery system. Passengers must be prepared for an emergency or first. Always carry the necessary documents such as an international driver’s license and a national driver’s license.

Customs duty free goods

Goods that can be carried without customs duties include the following:
1.1 liters of spirits or 2 liters of wine
2. 250 ml ED toilet
3.200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250 grams of tobacco
4. Fragrance 50 ml.

Prohibited substances

Carrying firearms, narcotics and ammunition is prohibited. Special export permits must be obtained for precious metals, books, antiques, artwork or items of national or historical value.