Cold summer but winter is harsh and prone to snowfall. Expect rain in any month of the year. Dutch is the official language here. Other languages ​​in which English is widely spoken include English, French and German. In case of emergency calls 112.

Handshaking is usually a form of greeting. Although tipping is not mandatory but it is good to pay for the number of laptops in restaurants and taxis. A humble gift should always be brought to the host’s home when invited to eat. Casual clothes are worn in everyday life. But people are expected to wear the form at social events and smart restaurants.

Delft, Makkam and Vorkam pottery to be purchased. A Shunhoven silverware, Leertham crystals and diamonds from the Amsterdam Ebenheel Primate Park are a must see, home to more than thirty mammals. Still closed for the winter, de Hoque Veluwe is Holland’s oldest and largest public park. You can use a bicycle to explore the 5,500-hectare Police Head Lou State Park.

The national carrier for Holland is KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines, which is connected to all major cities in Europe, North America and Asia. Amsterdam Airport is a hub for many international and domestic flights. Located at a distance of 15 km from the city and within 20 minutes by train, KLM operates buses every 15-30 minutes, taking passengers to some of the city’s most famous hotels. Public buses can help you reach their destinations. Trains connect Amsterdam Central Station and Jude Station. Taxis take tourists almost anywhere. The airport has off-duty shops, banks, showers, shopping malls, baby rooms and car rental services.

Rotterdam and Eindhoven airports are 8 km from the city center. Trains and buses depart every 15 minutes to pick up passengers at their hotels. These airports have facilities like duty free shops, restaurants, car rental and internet. There is no departure tax for passengers at these airports.

Major ports include Hook of Holland, Wilmington and Rotterdam Stena Line, P&O boats and DFDS Maritime Services for Holland. If traveling by train, Eurostar offers excellent service and connections to all major European cities. Providing high quality service Good deals are regularly available and should be checked from time to time to avail them. Unused tickets can be easily refunded. You can buy an inter-train ticket to use unlimited number of second class trains within 29 European countries.

Excellent network of roads connecting Holland with most cities in Europe. They are well maintained and have signs everywhere for safe driving, with a top speed of 120km / h when driving on the highway. There are many car dealerships to choose from for car rental, some of them Avis, Eurocar and Budget.

Cycling is an important means of transportation in Holland and a part of everyday life. Tourists can rent bicycles from the airport or other service providers by deposit.