Part of the appeal of video games is the eye-catching scenes sprayed on the TV screen. But even the sexiest pictures are only half of the equation. The other half is the magic that is given to our eyes when this figure comes alive. Gamer-controlled animation takes time to escape to different times and places – time and space brought to you by virtual reality.

As you can imagine, virtual reality is an imaginary, computer-created 3D world. Players can enter this world and interact with objects as they are inside. 1 Some games already released on the market give a good idea of ​​what virtual reality is and what can be done. Video games like Zelda, Hollow or Harry Potter allow players to enter their environment and interact with objects. But it does not allow players to create environments, that is the virtual world.

Without an ounce of programming experience, anyone can create and enjoy a virtual world. All requirements are comments

To get started, you need to create a plan that fits your thoughts about the perfect world, the weird world, or the weird world beyond your imagination. Some virtual world software offers different types of templates (“default” worlds) that allow you to finally add and create the world you have always dreamed of. A great example of using a template is in Maxis’ SimCity or SimDown games. Both games offer pre-designed environments with lots of space and opportunities to customize to the game you want.

Of course, you can always start fresh. The only problem with a startup is that it takes more time and knowledge to add some features that the virtual world has to offer. Either way (from scratch or from the template) most users create a world by adding objects and situations – deleting some until the right balance is reached. The best place to find examples of things you can create in virtual world games is online. Each virtual world program has a sample environment that players can download and install on their own computer. Some of these game makers run contests and award winners with free upgrades. Other relevant places to find ideas come from fiction books: – History – Imagination – Imagination, you name. Science fiction movies are also a great source of ideas.

Understand that it takes time to play virtual reality games. Rome is not finished in a day, your virtual world would not be. There is no rush, it is a sober pastime. Take your time and enjoy. Don’t get frustrated not knowing how to create objects or plan them – you can learn how to make them in a specific time. Your goal is to create a world of pleasure that will not help you if you continue to get frustrated.

When you are ready, you can add characters with their own history, habits, strengths and weaknesses. You can give small goals or tasks to complete throughout the game. Giving your writing goals and assignments will help you plan the game. To get started, look for RAD (Rapid Application Development) tools. RAD tools allow you to play virtual games together at any time.