ActiveX is a software technology introduced by Microsoft. Essentially, this technology allows content or program capabilities to be delivered from the web to Microsoft Windows ActiveX computers. Previous forms were OLE and COM technologies. OLE stands for semantic link. MS. End users on Windows computers can easily interact with the content and MS. MP can also be used to attach files such as Word documents or Excel spreadsheet documents from their computer to the web. Created primarily to allow end users on Windows systems. Easy

In this case, the web browser that visits the website using ActiveX can view Word or Excel documents directly in a web browser. Unfortunately, the Active X is built with poor security features and lacks even basic security restrictions. This is why many computer security experts do not support this.

How to activate ActiveX?

OLE allows items from an application. An M.S. Excel Table in another application – an MS. Assume that the Word document is embedded. In this particular situation, M.S. The Excel table becomes an object, which is then cut or copied and pasted directly into the MS Word document and stored in the OLE. Allow users or groups of users to work on separate sections of the main file and then quickly merge or merge them.

Microsoft renamed OLE ActiveX in 1996. In 2005, Microsoft dropped support for ActiveX due to the loss of a patent case. This means that in newer IE web browsers, end users can no longer communicate without first activating ActiveX. For example, you need to run multiple media files, such as Flash and QuickTime. Before that you could flip the media list with your mouse or open a webpage in a web browser to start using X, now you need to interact directly with it. Media Objects First, for example, click an object to launch a file or contact its features